Rock Star

Rock Star 6 X 41

In the daytime, when the bright sky casts a protective canopy over the landscape, it is easy to forget that we are living on a planet hurtling through space in a universe occupied by an uncountable number of stars, planets, asteroids, comets… and who knows what.

On a clear night, the big blue curtain is cast aside and the reality is revealed, it becomes apparent that we are not alone and we are part of the infinite. I find the effect to be both calming and unsettling at the same time.

It often makes me wonder if there is life somewhere out there. There are two options. Life exists only on earth, in which case the fact that earth dwellers are the only living things in such a vast universe makes me wonder what we are supposed to be doing with such a special gift. Or, there is life out there somewhere, which makes me wonder what the other life forms are like, what are they doing, and are there artists among them?

I do not quite understand the science behind it, but the moon always seems larger than life when it first rises above the horizon. It always makes me feel as if Mother Nature is putting on a show just for me, and it is what inspired this painting.

I almost titled this painting “The Light Side of the Moon”, in reference to the classic Pink Floyd Album, “The Dark Side of the Moon”. After tossing it around in my head for a while (there is plenty of room in there…), I decided to go with the title that was in my mind as I painted this piece, “Rock Star”. The title, “Rock Star”, is a play on words. In a literal sense, the moon is a big rock, yet it shines in the night sky brighter than any star. Taken another way, the title is intended as a reference to the way the moon dominates the sky. Like a true “Rock Star”, the moon knows how to make an entrance.

Image and Text © 2017 James Golaszewski


No Worries

No WorriesNo Worries

Many of the “happiness gurus” tell us that the secret to happiness and contentment is to live our lives “in the moment”.  We are told that worrying about the uncertainty of the future is a waste of time, and agonizing over mistakes and missteps in our past is a waste of energy.  They preach that true happiness lies in the here and now.

If you think about it, you quickly realize that the only thing that is real is this moment, right now.  Everything else is an illusion, a memory, or a mirage of what may me in the future.  The concept is easy to grasp, but how do you put it into practice?  I have been seeking the answer to this question for quite some time.

I was exploring an old barn on a beautiful July morning.  Even though exploring old barns is one of my favorite things to do, my mind kept wandering off in miscellaneous directions, rehashing old mistakes, and anticipating future problems.  Then I saw the cat.  The cat was serene and content.

In that moment I realized the cat had it all figured out.

The cat did not care what event in the past caused the window to be broken, nor did the cat worry that the broken window will allow foul weather to enter the barn at some time in the future.  The cats’ only concern was that, here and now, at that exact moment, everything was fine.  The broken window provided a cooling breeze, while at the same time the broken opening in the dirty glass created a good vantage point from which to observe the world.

The cat had “No Worries” as he waits on the windowsill, waiting for the Universe to deliver something amusing.

There is a Zen saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”.  I had found my teacher.


Image and text © 2017 James Golaszewski



The man walks toward the setting sun.

He has been walking for a lifetime.

He has experienced many things.

There have been many sunsets.

He walks and he remembers.

Challenges he has met.

Things he has seen.

Turns not taken.

Roads traveled.

Hills climbed.



The man wonders, as he walks – where does the road lead?

Am I on the right road, am I going in the right direction?

Am I walking too quickly, am I walking too slowly?

He thinks of things encountered on his travels.

Some are cherished and embraced.

Some things, he has left behind.

Some still remain, uninvited.

Like pebbles in his shoes.

He keeps walking.

Step by step.




Image and text © 2017 James Golaszewski



Fat Jack’s Blues

Fat Jacks Blues Prismacolor on panelWhen I was growing up I loved to listen to my transistor radio late at night when I was supposed to be asleep in bed.

The Chicago Cubs were my favorite baseball team, while the Pittsburgh Pirates were a close second.  Way back in 1969 BC (Before Computers), before the internet, cable TV, satellite TV and satellite radio – if you wanted to listen to a baseball game that did not feature your “home” team, you had to wait for a night game. At night, the AM radio signals would “skip” and you could hear broadcasts from all over. The static and interference from distant thunderstorms only added to the mood created by far away voices on the radio.

In 1969 the friendly confines of Chicago’s Wrigley Field did not have lights (just as God intended things to be). Consequently, the only time you could listen to a Cubs game at night was when they were playing out of town.  I would listen to Vince Lolyd and Lou Boudreau announce the game, … “Santo, Kessinger, Beckert and Banks, the infield third to first.”

When the game was over, you could switch to the FM dial and listen to a smooth talking DJ play obscure album tracks or jazz, while you gazed out your window at all of the mysterious late night goings on.

This painting is meant to recreate the mood of those late summer nights

Image and Text © 2017 James Golaszewski

No Time To Waste

No Time To Waste Mixed Media 16 X 30

No Time To Waste

Sometimes, on a perfectly ordinary day when things are going well and I am calm and relaxed, something will trigger a sad memory. I will be reminded of something that causes me anxiety, or causes a long forgotten regret or worry to cross my mind.

When that happens, I calm and re-center myself by picturing myself in a place like the one depicted in this painting.

There is No Time To Waste pondering things that are done and things to come.


Image and text © 2017 James Golaszewski

These Are the Days We Are Given

These Are the Days We Are Given Acrylic 24 X 24


The Man wonders.

Why is it raining on me? When will the darkness end? Where am I going?  Am I going in the right direction?

The Man’s shoes squish and squeak on the wet sidewalk. His jeans wick water from below, making them cumbersome.  His baggage weighs heavy on his shoulder, pulling him downward. Tires hiss and splash as cars full of unnoticing Others race past.   A steady rain taps out a murmuring drumbeat on his umbrella while hot neon buzzes overhead.  Doors and windows are shut, blocking out the Man in the cold damp air

The Man considers his situation.

Raindrops in freefall, each separate and individual until their inevitable collision with the earth, where they join with the souls of all of the other raindrops and return to where they began.  The joy of the falling raindrop is not diminished by the knowledge of its inevitable homecoming.  The raindrop knows that whatever path it takes, and wherever it lands, it will join with others and become something greater than it was.

Drop by drop the minutes pass.  Night by night the years pass.  Sometimes things are as the Man wishes they were.  Even then, he worries about the coming darkness.  Sometimes, the cold rain comes. The Man feels resentful and put-upon.  The Man wonders what he ever did to deserve such a miserable plight.

The raindrops speak to the Man.

The raindrops talk to the Man about destiny.  The raindrops talk to the Man about how, step by step, drop by drop, we move towards something greater.  The raindrops tell the Man how they move from the oceans to the sky and then back to the oceans. The raindrops teach the Man about The Way.

The Man has a realization.

There is an order to all things. He is part of a much larger Universe. There is a Plan.  The Plan is not under his control. The Plan is too big to be understood from his vantage point.  The Man now trusts that all is as it should be. The Man knows that each day, each heartbeat, is a gift; and gifts are to be appreciated.  To be anxious is to not trust The Way.  A peaceful mind, even in times of darkness, is how we show gratitude and follow The Way.

The Man walks in the cold night rain with a neon buzz… He smiles. He understands. He is at peace because he knows.

These Are the Days We Are Given.


Image and text © 2017 James Golaszewski