This Is Why We Are Here (a morning meditation)

This Is Why We Are Here, A Morning Meditation

This Is Why We Are Here (A Morning Meditation)

Why are we here, what is our purpose?

A question as old as sentience.

Maybe science has an answer. Among other things, Quantum Theory proposes that the universe consists of possibilities – possible realities.  According to the theory, things don’t become real until they are observed or measured.  The very act of observing them changes them – solidifying them from the infinite to the finite, from what could be into what is.   In other words, before they are observed they are just random possibilities, possible realities.

Some have even proposed that your attitude, your outlook and expectations, can actually change the reality that is created.

The thing that fascinates me about all this, if it is true, is that the Universe needs us to in order to complete the creation process.  Like paint that is still in the tube, the universe is nothing but raw material until we make it real. Maybe our role in the universe is simply to appreciate its beauty, and to be grateful.

I was thinking about this concept one recent morning when I was tending to our horses while a beautiful sunrise made the cold winter air more bearable. This painting was inspired on that morning.

Thank you to Tristan Greene for an article he wrote that was published in Science Magazine. He provided the inspirational seeds that sprouted in my mind when they were properly fertilized with horse manure.


Image and text © 2019 James Golaszewski


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