Child of The Universe

child of the universe 18 x 24 2019

Child of The Universe 

Time passes.   Things and people come and go.  The sun rises and sets.  Days pass, each different than the one before.  We know this.  Yet we try to hold on, to make time stop.  We want this moment to linger.  We fear change, and resist it at every opportunity.

However, would we have this moment if we had held on to the last?   Would we be “here” if we somehow managed to stay where we were?  In fact, would that not be a prison – being trapped in place and time?   Would we be “here and now” if we never left “there and then”?   Maybe, like a mother bird pushing a baby out of the nest so it learns that it can fly and it does not have to be earth bound,  we are pushed relentlessly forward by time so that we learn that we are children of the universe, and our spirits are destined for eternity.

In “Child of the Universe”, I use the imagery of a hawk soaring over a well maintained old barn to express these thoughts.


Image and text © 2019 James Golaszewski all rights reserved

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