The Storm Within

The Storm Within 14 X 36 Mixed Media Acrylic 2018

The Storm Within

This is a view of the Chicago harbor lighthouse as seen from within the harbor, looking east toward the protective breakwater, rising sun, and Lake Michigan. The sky is clearing and the lake is calm while the water in the harbor is unnaturally unsettled and choppy.  This is contrary to expectations.  There is no apparent reason for the water within the harbor to be turbulent while the surrounding lake is calm and the sky is peaceful. Yet the water in the harbor is clearly agitated.  This should not be so.  The harbor is supposed to be safe, calm, and protected.  What is wrong with the harbor water, has it gone crazy?

This painting is about PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder), The Storm Within.


Image and text © 2018 James Golaszewski all rights reserved

Learning To Live With Ghosts

Learning To Live With With Ghosts 10 X 40 2018

Learning to Live with Ghosts

We all have “things” in our past.  Good things we miss.  Painful things we wish had never happened.  Heroic things we are proud of. Stupid things we wish we had never done.  Selfish things we wish we had done differently.  People that, for whatever reason, are no longer part of our life. Wonderful things we cherish. Things beyond our control that turned out badly.

You know, “things…”

In the world I created in this painting, we see a corn-crib in the background that has fallen into disrepair and is obviously a thing of the past, while in the foreground there is a barn of similar vintage that is clearly well maintained and still in use.  The sun rises on a calm snow covered morning.

The past and present existing simultaneously in the same place.

In our youth, we stress and agonize over the question, “what am I going to do with my life?”   Then, time passes, and you agonize over the question, “what have I done with my life?”  You miss the good times, try to forget the bad times, and regret missed opportunities and time wasted fussing over events and things that ultimately prove to be insignificant.

People come and go, leaving you changed for better or worse. You mourn the loss of those that enriched your life, while you struggle to break free from those that left you damaged.

The secret is to learn as you go so you can keep making progress as a person, traveling with the ghosts of your past.

Like many things, it is a process.  As for me, I am still “Learning to Live with Ghosts”.


Image and text © 2018 James Golaszewski all rights reserved