The man walks toward the setting sun.

He has been walking for a lifetime.

He has experienced many things.

There have been many sunsets.

He walks and he remembers.

Challenges he has met.

Things he has seen.

Turns not taken.

Roads traveled.

Hills climbed.



The man wonders, as he walks – where does the road lead?

Am I on the right road, am I going in the right direction?

Am I walking too quickly, am I walking too slowly?

He thinks of things encountered on his travels.

Some are cherished and embraced.

Some things, he has left behind.

Some still remain, uninvited.

Like pebbles in his shoes.

He keeps walking.

Step by step.




Image and text © 2017 James Golaszewski



Fat Jack’s Blues

Fat Jacks Blues Prismacolor on panelWhen I was growing up I loved to listen to my transistor radio late at night when I was supposed to be asleep in bed.

The Chicago Cubs were my favorite baseball team, while the Pittsburgh Pirates were a close second.  Way back in 1969 BC (Before Computers), before the internet, cable TV, satellite TV and satellite radio – if you wanted to listen to a baseball game that did not feature your “home” team, you had to wait for a night game. At night, the AM radio signals would “skip” and you could hear broadcasts from all over. The static and interference from distant thunderstorms only added to the mood created by far away voices on the radio.

In 1969 the friendly confines of Chicago’s Wrigley Field did not have lights (just as God intended things to be). Consequently, the only time you could listen to a Cubs game at night was when they were playing out of town.  I would listen to Vince Lolyd and Lou Boudreau announce the game, … “Santo, Kessinger, Beckert and Banks, the infield third to first.”

When the game was over, you could switch to the FM dial and listen to a smooth talking DJ play obscure album tracks or jazz, while you gazed out your window at all of the mysterious late night goings on.

This painting is meant to recreate the mood of those late summer nights

Image and Text © 2017 James Golaszewski