Come What May

Come What May 28.5 X 18.5

Come What May


The dilemma

Enter the clamor

And expose yourself

To an onslaught from all sides

Or remain at the railing, watching…


The choice

Is no choice

Because to remain

Is choosing to not begin

And there is no life, until the beginning…


You hesitate

You may get hurt

The screeching metal

The lights and cascading sparks

The cacophony and chaos and uncertainty…


One thing

Is surely inevitable

The ride will come to an end

The length of time is not a choice

The richness of the experience is the only variable…


You see

Hit after hit

The others continue

Shaken by each impact, but joyful still

You enter, knowing your spirit will endure, Come What May.


© 2018 James Golaszewski