Penthouse Blues

Penthouse Blues 30 X 40 Prismacolor on Rag Illustration BoardIn “Penthouse Blues”, you view the scene through the eyes of the resident of the penthouse apartment that is just below the rooftop. Normally, the resident is content viewing the stylized painting of the city rather than venturing onto the roof to experience the city firsthand. On this night, however, the resident has temporarily put down the book they were reading and come up to the rooftop to get some fresh air and enjoy the view.

Unseen by the resident, an alley cat sits on the ledge nearby – surveying its kingdom. The cat pauses, the better to remain undetected.  The alley cat is indifferent to the momentary intrusion into its world because the cat knows its kingdom is safe. The cat is confident that the resident is not enlightened enough to realize the true value of the cat’s kingdom, and so the resident is unlikely to contest the cat’s supremacy.

Soon, the intruder will tire of the night air and go back inside to their comfortable chair, leaving the cat to rule the night in peace.  The cat can wait.  Let the rats in the alley below think they have won for a moment longer. They will find out the truth soon enough.

Image and text © 2016 James Golaszewski


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