Unspoken Promise

Unspoken Promise 24 X 12 Mixed Media AcrylicPromises are strange things.

On the one hand they are very simple because there are only two possible outcomes, either they are kept or they are not. On the other hand, circumstances, people, capabilities, resources, loyalties, and priorities change.

It can get complicated.

And then there are unspoken promises. These are the most important of all. For example, when you have children you are silently promising that you will always put their needs above yours, you will always do what you can to protect them, you will never intentionally hurt them, and you will do everything within your power to help them grow and flourish.

How you deal with promises you have made speaks to your sense of duty and honor. In the end, whether or not you keep your promises defines who you are.

This painting was inspired by some musings about promises. For me, the waiting rowboat represents the promise of spring.
Image and text © 2016 James Golaszewski


Learning To Live With Ghosts


Learning To Live With Ghosts 10 X 40 Mixed Media Acrylic

Learning To Live With Ghosts 10 X 40 Mixed Media Acrylic

We all have “things” in our past. Good things we miss. Painful things we wish had never happened. Heroic things we are proud of. Stupid things we wish we had never done. Selfish things we wish we had done differently. Wonderful things we cherish. Things beyond our control that turned out badly. Things…

In the world I created in this painting, we see a corn crib in the background that has fallen into disrepair and is obviously a thing of the past while in the foreground there is a barn of similar vintage that is clearly well maintained and still in use. The sun rises on a calm snow covered morning.

The past and present existing simultaneously in the same place.

In our youth, we stress and agonize over the question, “what am I going to do with my life?” Then, time passes, and you agonize over the question, “what have I done with my life?” You miss the good times, try to forget the bad times, and regret missed opportunities and time wasted fussing over events and things that ultimately prove to be insignificant. The secret is to learn as you go so you can keep making progress as a person while traveling with the ghosts of your past.

Like many things, it is a process. As for me, I am still “Learning To Live with Ghosts”.

Image and Text © James Golaszewski 2016