Near Miss


Near Miss 30 x 30- Mixed Media Acrylic © 2016

Near Miss 30 x 30 Mixed Media Acrylic

Fear is a funny thing.


Many things we fear never happen, and yet the fear of the frightful event can cause as much or more disruption and damage than the fearfully anticipated event would have caused if it had actually happened.

In “Near Miss”, a barn that has weathered many storms is situated amid waves of undulating earth while a storm passes harmlessly in the near distance. As a way of calling attention to my belief that there is beauty in even the gloomiest situation if only you look for it, there is a faint rainbow at the leading edge of the rainfall. As a design consideration, the rainbow is muted so the colors of the rainbow do not dominate the composition. This is a rainbow that will only be seen by someone looking for it.

In this composition, the curves of the terrain are intentionally left uncluttered by trees, hedgerows, or farmsteads in order to exaggerate the similarities between the rolling hills and rising and falling waves.

To further the maritime allegory, the form of the old wooden barn has been manipulated so that its lines resemble the hull of an old wooden ship while at the same time the sweeping curve of the sagging roof mirrors the curve of the surrounding countryside. Taking the barn/ship metaphor one step further, the rusty metal roof of the barn was given an overall copper tint; old wooden sailing ships frequently had copper cladding on their hulls below the water line.

Nothing helps you appreciate the good things in your life like a Near Miss.

Image and text © 2016 James Golaszewski

“I have been through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.”

Mark Twain
(Samuel Langhorne Clemens)


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