Equanimity Mixed Media Acrylic 40 X 60

Equanimity Mixed Media Acrylic 40 X 16

Equanimity is a state of mind, or a state of being, in which your psychological, physical, emotional, and spiritual composure cannot be disrupted. This state of being results in a calmness that gives strength, stability, and resilience; especially in difficult times.
Contrary to intuition, equanimity does not mean the state of apathy or total relaxation. It also does not mean the absence of conflict , hardship, or stress. Rather, it is achieved by keeping dynamic forces in balance. When things are balanced, the stronger opposing forces become, the more stable you become.
Confused? Look at one of the many tall antennas that dot our landscape. These antennas are not held in place by massive steel beams. In fact, if you look closely you will see that many of the tallest towers balance on a single point. These tall spindly structures are held in place by a series of cables under tension. These cables, pulling equally in different directions, keep the towers firmly in place even when furious storms pass. The strength of the tower comes not from the rigidity of the tower frame, it comes from the strength of the balanced tension exerted by the cables.
I have expressed the concept of “Equanimity” in this, slightly surreal, landscape. The composition is based upon the Taijitu, the well known symbol for Yin Yang.

Yin Yang 

Painting & text © 2015 James Golaszewski


A Fresh Slant

A Fresh Slant 22 X 14

A Fresh Slant 22 X 14 Mixed Media Acrylic

When attempting to solve complex problems or resolve contentious issues, I try to examine the problem from as many angles as possible. When pondering things that have the potential to upset me I attempt to conduct the deliberations in the daytime because I have learned that the dark nights tend to foster dark thoughts, and the morning light always brings a more optimistic interpretation of the situation.

This composition is all about angles, from the diagonal roof-lines and planks, to the slanting illumination from the early morning sun. The sunlight is important to this composition, because the low angled light of the early morning sun illuminates places that are normally obscured by shadow, providing “A Fresh Slant” on the situation.

© 2015 James Golaszewski