Groovy Grazing

"Groovy Grazing":       20 X 30 mixed media acrylic

“Groovy Grazing” Mixed Media/Acrylic 20 X 30

This is a painting of a 1960 Cadillac that was literally “put out to pasture” in an overgrown field east of Urbana many years ago. I would drive past it frequently when patrolling the “56” zone.

Whenever I saw it I would wonder how it came to be there, what adventures were had while cruising in this beast, and about how it went from being an object of envy and desire to being abandoned and alone.

It made me think about time, and how time always reveals the truth of things.

I concluded that the value of this Caddy was never in the flash of its chrome. Its real value was that it facilitated the experiences that took place within it, and because of it, in the places it traveled. I decided that it had value still, rusting away while resting slightly askew in a field of tall grass… teaching me about life.

I call this painting “Groovy Grazing”.

Image and text © 2015 James Golaszewski


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