It’s Always Something

Its Always Something 48 X 24

It’s Always Something (Mixed Media/Acrylic 48″ X 24″)

When I painted “It’s Always Something” I was trying to express some thoughts I was having about uncertainty. We live with so many things that are beyond our control, things that could have a major impact on our lives. Everything from health issues for ourselves and those we care about, money, the health and welfare of our children, global warming, killer asteroids, and lets not forget zombies.

Several years ago I got to wondering – when was the last time I was able to say that all loose ends in my life were firmly tied, when all of my “what ifs” had answers? I concluded that it had to be some time around the 5th grade. Homework done? Check. Batteries in the transistor radio so I could listen to the Cubs out of town game at night after “bedtime”? Check. That about covered it.

In an effort to control the uncontrollable, some people choose to simplify their lives to the point of sucking the life out of “life”. And even with that, things beyond control still remain. (Have you forgotten zombies? Go ahead if that is what you want to do, that is exactly what they want you to do.) I concluded that the only rational response was to stop struggling, to stop trying to solve all anticipated problems and situations. I found peace when I realized that we are all in the same boat, and the only way to live is to take life as it comes. We need to find comfort in the predictability of unpredictability.

To express these thoughts, I painted a scene with golden sunlight washing over the foreground as a storm threatens from the rear. Is the storm coming or going? Who knows. One thing for sure, though, there will be other storms.

The painting is a meditation about being at peace with change, the advance of time, and the constant challenges of life… “It’s Always Something”.

Image and text © 2015 James Golaszewski


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