Fragments Of Yesterday

Fragments of Yesterday (18x30)

Fragments of Yesterday (Mixed Media/Acrylic 18″ X 30″)

Fragments of Yesterday

I painted this because I wanted to express my feelings about how events of the past influence our day-to-day emotional health and thought processes. I have come to realize that our past, tragedies and triumphs alike, cannot be ignored. If you try to ignore the past it will find a way to make its presence felt. Since the past cannot be changed or ignored, what are we to do? If we happen to have a painful past, are we doomed? Are we prisoners to tragedy?

This painting is my answer to this question. The tattered remnants of an overnight storm attempt to obscure a brilliant sunrise, but they only serve to enhance the splendor.

We are all haunted by “Fragments of Yesterday”. Those fragments shape us, but they do not control us. You just never know when a Fragment of Yesterday will wander by, to blot out the sun… or make it sparkle like a diamond.

Image and text © 2015 James Golaszewski


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